Are VPN services safe for torrenting ?

Failure in the VPN BitTorrent allows to get the real IP of the user

Are VPN services safe for torrenting

BitTorrent lately is in the sights of the entities that manage copyright and Government agencies, which many users began to explore alternatives to preserve their anonymity. The most common mechanism is to hide the IP through the use of VPN services for torrenting websites, but an investigation discovered a security flaw in these services that allows to obtain it anyway.

The problem was explained at a Conference on data encryption. Its origin is in the way in which these tools handle IPv6 traffic, intended to succeed the current IPv4, whose network addresses are running out. Service clients as Ipredator (of The Pirate Bay) or Relakks that have active the new Protocol, even without knowing it, would be affected.

As at TorrentFreak, the Switzerland anti-piracy Agency, would be through the vulnerability to identify those who share files. To make matters worse, it was revealed that other members of these virtual private networks, can get the MAC addresses of the network interfaces or team names.

Although the work is focused on BitTorrent, cannot be ruled out that other similar products will suffer the same drawback, even if you use them for other purposes. While Ipredator owners were already notified and plan to make an announcement, a way to protect yourself is to disable IPv6 support, whether on Windows, Linux or Mac.

So questions of rights as techniques or even censorship, there are the network many contents that are only available to certain geographic regions, such as the transmissions via streaming of the world. For this reason, the question of Mauricio de la Torre is lately very often: How can I skip the restrictions by country?

Depending on what you want to see, there are different types of solutions. The most common is to download a proxy, which will be responsible for channel connections to both hide your IP address, as other details that may affect your privacy.

While these methods work with most applications and integrate with the browser, there is also web services that are limited to navigation. There is an infinite number of them, as Hide My Ass!, Nova Prox or GranaProxy. The last two have extensive lists of servers, but in all cases you will need to check the compatibility with the page that you want to visit.

Finally, remember that it is not advisable to enter sensitive data while using these tools. If it is a program that automatically start with your system, be sure to close it before connecting to sites that they request this type of information, such as banks or electronic trading platforms.

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